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Nizhal a mobile film movement; a film magazine; a publishing house.

The year 1994 saw the centenary celebrations of world cinema. On this occasion few individuals associated with films felt the need to take the good films to the villages of Tamilnadu. This necessitated the formation of a film movement Nizhal (Shadow) – a mobile film movement for modern and good films.

Nizhal started screening world and Indian classical films in the villages of Tamilnadu. For the people where the opportunity of seeing good film is remote and had to content with the ‘masala’ commercial stuff, the need arose to explain “what is a good film?” This necessitated conducting workshops on film appreciation. Centers were established at many places with people who have experience and skill to impart knowledge to others on good film.

In continuation of these activities a need arouse for magazine to discuss and debate about good films and also to carry the news of Nizhal activities which were spread across Tamilnadu. Thus in June, 2001 the first issue of the magazine Nizhal was brought out. In Nizhal magazine film history, criticism, articles on film appreciation, introduction about of world and Indian cinema, articles on film technology, articles of previous era artistes and film makers and also about the details of films screened at various parts of Tamilnadu were published. Internationally acclaimed directors and films were introduced and debated. This included people in many parts to come forward requesting screening of films in their area.

Through Nizhal we collected all the short films made in Tamil and send them to various film festivals. In association with Paris Nanbarkal Vattam, Europe film festivals, Switzerland, Chinttanai Vattam – New Jersey festivals were held and trophies and prize money were distributed to encourage short film making and short film directors. Eminent personalities associated with film like Tedore Bhaskaran, Amshan Kumar, Vannanilavan, Vittal Rao, Arun Mozhi, Thi. Su. Sadasivam, Swarnavel, Pavannan, Sa. Devadoss, Pa. Thirunavukarsu, Issakiappan, Ka. Panjangam, Aranthai Manian, Ravi Elangovan, Venkat Swaminathan, Yammuna also started publishing the screenplays of many international and national films. And later, Jamalan, Umar, Khan, Shanmugam, Santhana Krishnan also joined hands. Nizhal had also published articles and initiated debates on commercial “masala” films as these too have things or two on cultural issues. The impacts of these are clearly visible. The small literary magazines in Tamil have started giving more prominent space for feature films and short films.

In continuation of the above activities a publishing house under the name Nizhal was started and more than 20 books on films were published and Nizhal’s own magazine published every quarter for last 14 years.

All the above activities have been done with generous contribution of like-minded people and friends. Of late we find it extremely difficult to sustain the above activities because of economic constraints. We do not get support from any institution or establishments, in spite of our repeated request and explaining to them the importance of this movement.

Hence, we request you to contribute in good spirit, generously and support the movement – Nizhal the magazine for modern cinema, Alternate cinema and short films. Nizhal has no other option but to come to you for support and Nizhal assures you that it will continue to work towards meaningful and modern films in good faith and hopes…


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