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Mail from:Gobalakichenane Gobal
Subject: Congratulations – Reflexions

Dear Mr.Thirunavukkarasu,

My congratulations for your interesting website and ‘iyakkam’ for the benefit of Tamil people.

Few reminiscences of mine: In about 1950, I saw in Pondicherry a wonderful Japanese film ‘Yukiwarisoo’. When later I came to France in 1958 for higher studies, several people asked me about ‘Pather Panchali’ I never heard of . Nor did I know then that Satyajit Ray had worked earlier with Jean Renoir.

So, I began to look very carefully at the films released in India in general and in Tamilnadu in particular. And I was always greatly disappointed by the ‘masala’ films which could never be shown to other international public or festival.

I can understand that our people needed, after a very hard day work, few hours entertainment and dream. But what about the middle class or the so-called upper middle class people supposed to be well educated who do not support enough the rare films made by pioneer and courageous producers? Theodore Bhaskaran, a very good historian and critic of Tamil films and few others can certainly explain more elaborately about this misery.

Among the thousands of Tamil films, only about 1 % or so seems to be of good cultural or artistic quality. Considering the films released during the last two or three decades, my personal preferences go to ‘Anbe Sivam’, ‘Sippikkul Muthu’, ‘Unnaal mudiyum thamby’, ‘Kaathal’, ‘Autograph’, ‘Thavamaith thavamirunthu’, ‘Kannaththil Muththamittaal’, ‘Evano oruvan’ and few others…

I am happy that, after showing several Malayalam films of Adoor Gopalakrishnan, the thematic, intelligent and beautiful Tamil film ‘Thanneer thanneer’ is going to be shown soon in Museum Guimet, Paris, with French subtitles (By the way, it was the first film showing the decision of the hero to become a terrorist). Indian Union has changed and I wish so much that the producers dare also taking risk in some film for the universal message it conveys.

‘Barathy’ can be also subtitled in French. Could you please let me know the mean cost to add the subtitles in French for such Tamil film of one and half hour.

In Iran, there are very good films (shown in Cennai too, I presume), such as ‘Bashu’, etc. Recently, I saw one marvellous film entitled ‘A separation’. Iranian films are much shown and appreciated in Kerala. How far is the reception of such films among the middle class in Tamilnadu.

Has the Tamil public heard about ‘Kirikoo’ French cartoon film for children ?

Thanking you for your efforts to raise the appreciation standard of Tamils,

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